Company activists sustainable economy in line with the law enforcement bill annexation institutions jihad development, Jihad Nasr, Jihad independence and Jihad research to browse institutions and public institutions, non-governmental Act of Parliament and to the implementation of regulations and guidelines for the transfer of shares of companies mentioned Veterans Registration of companies in Tehran It has started its activities. Currently, shares of 38 companies from affiliated institutions referred to activists sustainable economy been handed followed by about 75 percent stake activists sustainable economy over twenty thousand veterans, veterans, freedom of families of martyrs and staff Eligible to the Ministry of Agriculture, and the remainder of the stock is being surrendered. The group of hardagers with qualification records and ratings from the Deputy Strategic Planning and Control Office in the fields of: Contractor includes: 1 building affinity-2 road and transportation-3 industry and mining-4 facilities and equipment-5 agriculture -6 water-7 restoration of ancient works -8 excavations -9 communications -10 oil and gas- 11. Power Advice includes: 1 Department of Urban Vmmary2-way Vtrabry3-Engineering Group B4-group studies Kshavrzy5-group Anrzhy6-Group posts Vmkhabrat7-group Snt8-group Mdn9-Group oil and gas With a capacity of more than fifteen billion dollars are and have impacts Prkhyr and blessing during various stages of construction and development of the country have been able to implement all the projects of national and transnational in different parts of the form (PC), (EPC ), (EPCF), (BOT), (IPP), and doing business.

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